Raised in the colourful, bursting-at-the-seams cultural explosion that is Mumbai, India, I was fascinated by stories from the first time my grandmother read me a bedtime story. I explored every possible medium of storytelling — Indian classical dance (Bharatanatyam) for 18 years, theater for 5 years – acting, working backstage and pre-production – through graphic design, advertising strategy, and print journalism in college, until I finally landed upon Screenwriting in my final year of college. Having found my true calling, I decide to waste no more time and set to work, making it as the youngest student to be admitted into UCLA’s graduate screenwriting programme.

A self-confessed ‘logically challenged’ person, I see the world as an amalgamation of experience, wonderment, and constant dynamic growth. In this ever-mutating industry, I want to leave a mark. I would like to take every opportunity to be the voice of a person unheard, to be the portal for cultural exchange and to put back into this world what I have been fortunate enough to receive from it.

I’m currently located in the beautiful Pacific Northwestern city of Seattle, WA. In addition to working on my writing full-time, I work at Forward Flux Productions, a non-profit theatre company working to increase representation of POC and LGBTQ artists on stage. When I’m not doing either, I’m usually catching up on reading, television, and travel