LOVE GOES THROUGH YOUR MIND – Feature: Drama/Independent
World Premiere: Austin Film Festival 2018
Co-Written with UCLA Directing student Ronak Shah, this feature film follows a traditional first generation Indian-American family’s journey to come to terms with mental illness when their son is diagnosed with bipolar disorder.

THE MAN IN THE JUNGLE – Feature: Biopic
‘The Man in the Jungle’ chronicles Rudyard Kipling’s brief but pivotal time in America as he begins writing the Jungle Book for his dying daughter, while battling allegations of imperialism and a court case with his brother-in-law that threaten his financial freedom, his reputation, and his home.’
FINALIST, ScreenCraft Drama Feature Competition, 2017

“there is every opportunity for this script to become a feature and find success both at the box office and potentially on the awards circuit.” – Blacklist Reader feedback, February 2017

BANI’S LULLABY – Feature: Drama/Historical
Bani, a rescue worker in Partition wrecked India-Pakistan, is forced to come to terms with her religious bigotry when her beliefs render a child motherless, and she must race against time to give him the family he deserves.
SEMI FINALIST, Page International Screenwriting Awards, 2014;
TOP 10%, Academy Nicholl Fellowships, 2015
QUARTER FINALIST, BlueCat Screenplay Competition, 2015

“BANI’S LULLABY is an exceptional screenplay. From beginning to end, this is a wholly realized, incredibly well written project. Nothing about the craft of the storytelling at work here is accidental — it’s obvious this is a passion project, one much researched and revised.” – BlueCat Reader Comment, 2015

“We were a riveted audience from the beginning until the end. The quality of the writing was better than average as was the level of screenwriting skill.” – Nicholl Fellowship Reader Comment, 2015

STRANGERS – Short Screenplay
Based on this original short story, STRANGERS spans thirty years, two people, and one piece of paper that binds them together.